RetweetHaving an engaged workforce with pride in their organisation and a strong belief in their work is a clear point of difference. Their attitude is reflected throughout the organisation, with clients or customers and stakeholders. The key is recruitment. Recruit the right staff and you are already establishing your point of difference.

I walked into a coffee shop on the weekend, glanced around the shop and ordered a drink. It was evident the staff working there did not know the products on offer or care about customer service. Their expressions told a tale of disinterest and apathy. This was the face of the business for all to see!

Recruiting the right person is vitally important and many organisations suffer from not doing so. Standard recruitment based solely on knowledge, skills and experience may appear sound, however how will this drive business into a positive point of difference? In the broader market place, competitors provide very similar services, however it is a defined point of difference that sets them apart. The success of business is reliant upon that point of difference. The right people with an alignment with the organisation give you the point of difference, and this can be achieved though values based recruitment.

Values based recruitment in a nutshell, is having the interviewers consider a candidate’s values and behaviours, alongside their knowledge, skills and experience as a total assessment for suitability. This helps build the right workforce, not only with the right skillsets; but the right values to support effective team working in delivering excellent performance and outcomes. This is the true point of difference every organisation should seek.

Think about your local business or large organisation you routinely deal with, do they, through their staff, show an extra level of care or service for you. If they do, then they have considered recruitment as the foundation to their point of difference in creating their business success.