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About 50 percent of the organisations in the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years, and this is not simply due to technology. Eastman Kodak and Dell are examples of organisations who had the technology, but failed to make great and accurate strategic decisions to keep pace with the marketplace and lost their place. What does this mean for leaders and organisational decision makers? It’s a reminder of the principle, making the right decisions at the right time creates success.

A problem we face is no one tells us how to make great and accurate decisions. Sure, there are plenty of frameworks available for decision making. However, in reality they tend to be convoluted and restrictive. They also are generic in nature and focussed on single decision events without any strategic or consequential line of thought. Most importantly, they are not tailored for our own personal decision style.

My Decision Making program focuses on how to make great and accurate decisions at the right time. It focuses on operational, tactical and strategic decision making and empowers leaders and managers to make a measurable difference. The program can be tailored to suit individual or organisational needs.

Decisions are shaped by our limitations, knowledge and experience. Evolving and refining decision making processes strengthens organisational resilience, values alignment and creates a customer-centric culture.

Decision Making Programs

Making Great & Accurate Decisions

Using Uncertainty as a Competitive Advantage

Thinking Beyond the Decision

Creating Value Through Great Decision-Making

The program is easily tailored as a year-long capability development program or an in-house workshop. 

Facilitation & Workshops

Improve Risk Intelligence, the why and how to make effective risk-based decisions

Risk Management as a strategic enabler 

Creating and developing the understanding behind effective Business Continuity & Crisis Management practices 

Workshops are developed to meet your needs not my needs 

Business Continuity & Crisis Management Planning

Test & Exercise current Business Continuity & Crisis Management plans

Build Organisational Resilience to ensure optimal responses for incremental change and sudden disruptions

Develop staff for succession planning

Coaching & Mentoring

Focussed on improving understanding and accountability for a balanced response to meet the organisational vision and objectives

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